Choosing a Reciprocating Saw Blade

In this guide we will cover the right blade kinds for every one of your reciprocating saw requirements. The types of blades offered for the recipe saw array in size from 2 1/2 to 12 inches, and are normally much heavier than jigsaw blades. They are utilized for reducing everything from wood to metal and every kind of product in between.

Blade Kind

  • Fine-Tooth – Make use of these when a smooth cut is needed for wood, plastic, or hardboard.
  • Blade – You will discover this blade to have the greatest variety of usages. It will cut fabric, rubber, leather, linoleum, and other similar materials.
  • Course-Tooth – This blade is generally used for cutting environment-friendly timber.
  • Hack Saw – Use this blade to reduce steel, typically as much as 1/8 inch in thickness.

Many reciprocating saw versions will have the blades placed to mug up, down, or flat, and flush with an adjoining surface area. In construction job and remodelling, long blades can be made use of to reduce right through a wall. If using this approach ensure cables or pipes fixtures will not be damaged. For more Best saws at

Type of blades

Choosing a Reciprocating Saw Blade

They can cut through any kind of nails they find. Understand that blades made specifically for reducing larger materials like bar supply or piping, needed to be oiled with oil regularly. Picking the ideal blade for your usage really depends on what sort of job you mean to complete. Choose the best one for your requirements. Also keep in mind to use your reciprocating saw in a risk-free and controlled way.

Fold down the saw ‘head’ and safeguard as guided in the producer’s guidelines (they vary a little), ‘turn’ the saw over and pay attention for the locator catch to click. Always ‘check’ visually that the saw bed is protected in position.

Always utilize the riving knife and blade guard when ripping down hardwood, again, according to makers summary. This stops the hardwood binding the blade after the cut and avoids the blade ‘tossing’ the wood back in the direction of you at some speed!