Why does Hollywood overwhelmingly support Democrats?

If we search the history of any community the only things that make it more liberal are creativity and diverse industries. While comparing the acting community with the Midwest farming community; there are a notable Republicans working with the entertainment industry some of them are: Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, and Chuck Norris. You may have noticed most of the times that the Hollywood is overwhelmingly supporting Democrat from the last few years. Majority of creative talent of the Hollywood owns liberal values and hence ultimately tends to support the Democratic candidates. It is absolutely a personal call to everyone which political party does he/she exactly support.

There are various issues such as environmental factors especially climate change, civil rights including gay rights and women’s rights as well are some of the serious issues which really the people with the liberal views really care about. These are the people supporting Democratic Party who are more progressive in such areas than that of Republicans. One another reason after Hollywood overwhelmingly supporting Democrats would be the internationalism. As we all may be aware of the fact that most of the members of Hollywood community are actually the immigrants who have settled down in the United States coming from other countries. Some of the bigger names are Jim Carey, Russel Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Ridley Scott and various others. All of these artists of Hollywood have liberal values by default due to the reason of the political system of United States.

The Democratic parties have conservative policies in most of the countries and same does in the United States as well. However, Democratic parties also incline towards left-wing ideologies, that are popularly accepted by major foreign investors such as China. Film Industry is a booming industry in China, just in the United States. Hence, Hollywood supporting the Democratic party could mean producers being able to reel in Chinese investment for film financing. Justifying this notion is the scenario where the popular producer Robert Simonds deal with China to supercharge film financing facilities and put STX Entertainments at par with the major Studios of Hollywood. This deal stands to be a very significant instance of why Hollywood would support the Democratic party. Although with Republican supporters holding executive positions in Hollywood, one could not neglect the power of Republicans in the industry. If we talk only about Hollywood; the only bigger winner of the annual awards is really going with progressive politics. You may have observed this incidence in the last year’s Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards, where most of the time serious issues like sexual harassment and the feminist dead for equity took the center stage and the liberal idea such as racial justice, freedom of press and human rights hold their space up to acceptance speeches and red carpet interviews only.

This is the first time when Hollywood had shown such as overwhelmingly supports towards Democrats. The liberal thoughts have overcome the thoughts of Republicans and hence the results. The polling data of the actors and their political views are hard to come across but some of its effects also throw shades on the award show behavior. You can also statistically analyze it through the Instagram feeds you will come to know the stereotype of the liberal actor won the reality. There are basically three explanations behind the reason of Hollywood liberalism; these are; social characteristics which actually an actor share with other liberals, statistics from the American Community Survey, and the last one is creating a backup for the common sense assumption. These are the factors that makeup to add up to a Hollywood with increasing liberal values and hence ultimately supporting Democrats.