Information regarding the fender 65 twin reverb amplifier

The Fender ’65 Double Reverb Amp is a genuine all-tube recreation of the initial timeless! It has actually made a track record of being one of the cleanest tube amps ever before, yet it supplies a preference of the hallmark Fender crisis when cranked up high.

Fender is the tidy requirement, bar none, and also the Double Reverb is the conclusive tidy fender 65 twin reverb amp. Like the initial, it is a no-frills, no difficulty amp, and giving 85 watts of stunning tidy tone. The tidy tone that comes out of this amp is definitely incredible!

With either guitar, I could not obtain the amp to damage up unless I cranked the quantity on the guitars as well as an amp to the max– after that it obtained truly hideous. When I state this is the conclusive tidy amp, I actually imply it.

The huge distinction in between the Reissue and also the initial is that the reissue makes use of a strong state rectifier rather than making use of a tube rectifier. This might shut off tube amp perfectionists, yet I can see the reasoning of making use of a strong state rectifier: It maintains the price of the amp method down, as well as you understand just what? I question that you can really observe a distinction.


An additional point regular of Fender amps, the Double Reverb is LOUD! The 2 X 12’s step a great deal of air so is advised! Overall, the Double Reverb is an excellent, tone-shapeable amp, certainly worth an appearance!

Information regarding the fender 65 twin reverb amplifier

The fender 65 twin reverb includes using added analog parts on a sub-PCB within the framework that gets the job done of the light / photocell setup discovered inside United States variations of the amplifiers. Perfectionists might justifiably be annoyed, yet allowed not all thrill out to clog the Network Passage in demonstration versus European Union administration – it hasn’t already given us with any kind of sonic reason for worry throughout our time with any one of the ‘ Personalized we have actually carried examination, as well as the tremolo noises are absolutely nothing except rich.