Places to Hangout with Your Friends

Friends are the best company to hang out. While we can be awkward around parents and selective about the places to go, we are never much choosy when it comes to hanging out with friends. The little idea of outing with friends excites the whole sentiment, and whatever the place be, with friends, it’s always the best. However, you might have undoubtedly hit boredom visiting and re-visiting the trademark spot with your gang and are in need to find some fresh, eye-pleasing and fun places to visit.

Here are some places you must go (if you haven’t yet) with your troop!

Rock Climbing

The idea of a get together in a coffee shop is old school. Ring your friends or drop a standard text and go rock climbing to your nearest mountain range. It does not necessarily have to be a natural rock climbing area that requires tedious and professional gears to finish the task. Many amusement parks have now come up with artificial rock climbing like Shropshire Climbing Centre (Newport), The Castle Climbing Centre (London), Vertical Limit Indoor Climbing (Worcester) all in the UK – with guides to help you. It’s great to support each other climb and strengthen the bond.


Friends are meant to be the mischievous group of like-minded people causing havoc for others in the neighbourhood. Let’s take this to another level where you can play without having to hear tantrums from anybody. Paintball is a competitive team shooting sport where the team eliminates the opponent by hitting them with dye-filled capsules. This could be your real life CS: GO or PUBG (let’s consider the paint as bullets) and of course, survival of the fittest! Team up with your mates and slaughter down your opponents with numerous hues. Or you can also play against your mate to even out the vengeance, but sportingly. Just Paintball in Darlington is a famous paintball venue with crowds gathered waiting for their turn. We also have Birmingham Paintball, Watford Venue, and a lot more. Look for the one nearby and visit when you are in the mood for some action.


Places to Hangout with Your Friends

Going to a water park with your friends is mainstream. If you are an excellent swimmer and any of your buddy needs a hand, go out on a beach with a surfing board when the time is right (of course safety first). Beaches might sound dangerous for the first timers but not to worry. We have artificial wave pools designed exclusively for water sports like surfing. Many people like surfing but hate the idea of seaweeds, salt water and the sand that gets stuck in your nails. The UK has a few excellent artificial wave pools, one of them being Surf Snowdonia Wavegarden in Dolgarrong, The Wave in Bristol, The Loop FlowRider in Cornwall and others that you may find nearby.


Take the pizza-night-at-home to a karaoke night in some fancy cocktail bar with your friends. Karaoke is a Japanese form of interactive entertainment. You just have to sing the lyrics as melodiously as a topnotch singer! Just kidding, amateur singers sing along with recorded music using a microphone. It’s exciting with a group of friends as you get to laugh and make fun of each other’s croaked voice. The UK has some fascinating Karaoke Boxes like Karaoke Box Soho in London, Lucky Voice in Brighton, Obento in Bristol and a handful more. Also, Open mic nights are in a rage and mostly for free.

Kart racing

Kart racing is a most exciting activity, yet a family sport. Almost everyone can race from a bambino to an age-old citizen. Kart racing can be one of the fantastic things to do with your friends than just hanging out in a park taking selfies. It is open-wheeled motorsport with vehicles called karts or go-karts. Teesside Karting in Middlesbrough has World’s longest track with three circuits. Trent Valley Kart Club in Brandon is another good karting club. Karting alongside your friends and dashing into each other till the finish line is altogether a fun thing to watch and do. Winner or not, the race will be a memory for life.

So, hangout spots do not necessarily have to be places where you can discuss your long life and never-ending gossips. Apart from the given list, there are many other fun things to do like parasailing, scuba diving, laser tag, boating, camping, trekking and the list goes on. Take time to explore the better something in life to strengthen your friendship before your teeth begin to fall, and you regret not having done anything adventurous.